A Kind of Murder

In the short Story “A Kind of Murder” we have two teachers, which are very different in several kinds of ways. First, we have Mr. Silas Warren, whom is the new chemistry and physics teacher, he is a very round character, and then we have Major Durand, the military commandant boxing  teacher, who is a very flat character. While Mr. Warren is a kind, caring teacher, who has issues standing up for himself, Major Durand is just a plain old bully. Both characters may be teaching at the same Academy, but no one could be more different, Mr. Durand is basically Mr. Warren’s foil characters. For example Mr. Warren takes pleasure in doing the right thing and  trying to let his students enjoy the class, however the tough boxing teacher rather punch someone  for doing something wrong, when he’s in a bad mood he uses them as a punching puppet, as he  did to Mr. Warren on page 189 of the short story. Warren, on the other hand, let’s himself be made fun of, and doesn’t even try to receive respect. However, even though Mr. Warren has his faults, he is a much more interesting character, being much more round then Mr. Durand’s flat character. Although a coward, Mr. Warren can also stand up for what’s right such as saving a dog, and not let bullies threaten him by walking away. Mr. Durand is a flat character because he only has one attitude- which is being strict and uncaring. When all is said and done, one can really respect Mr. Warren for who he is, especially after comparing him with Major Durand.


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